This translation reads as smooth as silk, and yet it feels as
solid and trustworthy as the King James
Servant Brian Woodson Sr, Pastor and long-time
lover of the King James Version

I received a copy of your SENT New Testament Bible Translation, which I have been reading daily. I wanted to say thank you. SENT is wonderfully easy to read and understand, a tremendous blessing.
L. James

SENT is a truly invaluable resource.  Not only does it put the text
of the New Testament in straightforward and easily understandable language, I can feel confident when using it that what I'm reading
is as close or closer to the original Greek than any other English
translationon the market.  It's wonderfully versatile--I've used it in
my own private devotions and in Scripture study with my spouse, as
well as for reading aloud in worship--it really makes the text come alive!
R. Dowell Baum, Seminarian