This translation reads as smooth as silk, and yet it feels as
solid and trustworthy as the King James.
—Servant Brian Woodson Sr, Pastor and long-time
lover of the King James Version

Here's a translation that successfully bridges the gap between
conformity to the original Greek of the New Testament and the
English language as it is normally spoken nowadays. No small feat!
Robert H. Gundry, Scholar-in-residence and Professor emeritus
of New Testament and Greek, Westmont College

This version has the potential of being one of the best Bible
translations I have seen.
Peter Kirk, Better Bibles Blog

I received a copy of your SENT New Testament Bible Translation, which I have been reading daily. I wanted to say thank you. SENT is wonderfully easy to read and understand, a tremendous blessing.
L. James

SENT is a truly invaluable resource.  Not only does it put the text
of the New Testament in straightforward and easily understandable language, I can feel confident when using it that what I'm reading
is as close or closer to the original Greek than any other English
translationon the market.  It's wonderfully versatile--I've used it in
my own private devotions and in Scripture study with my spouse, as
well as for reading aloud in worship--it really makes the text come alive!
Ryan Dowell Baum,
Seminarian, First Congregational Church of Oakland, UCC