Sunday, March 1, 2009 : J. Alfred Smith Junior Highlights The
Spoken English New Testament from the Pulpit at Oakland’s Allen
Temple Baptist Church.

February 6, 2022
SENT First Edition, revised from the Preliminary Edition with the editorial input of many ordinary readers, proof readers, and graduate students specializing in New Testament Greek, is now available to read online book by book (see READ ONLINE in the navigation bar to the left). It is also available on as a 6"x9" paperback and as a large format (8.5"x11") cloth bound. A number of other formats will be coming available soon, including a beautiful large screen reading format prepared by co-publisher Dennis Rivers.

February 4, 2022
SENT is now in the creative commons! The First Edition is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY license, which means that people are free to bring out their own editions of SENT or portions of SENT for any and all purposes (for example, for liturgical reading), as long as (1) unaltered versions of the whole text are named "The Spoken English New Testament," (2) unaltered portions of the text are described as "from the Spoken English New Testament," and (3) adaptations of the text are described on their title pages as "adapted from the Spoken English New Testament."

March 1, 2009
Dr. J. Alfred Smith Junior preached his inaugural sermon as
Senior Pastor at Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, having
being elected after the retirement of his distinguished father,
Dr. J. Alfred Smith Senior. His New Testament text was John
16:7-15, and his translation of choice was the Spoken English
New Testament
. Translator J. Webb Mealy, PhD was honored
to take part in Sunday services on the day, being an old friend
the congregation. Dr. Mealy was on the faculty for a number of
years at Leadership Institute at Allen Temple, where he taught Introduction to Christian Theology, Introduction to the New
Testament, and New Testament Greek.

Dr. Mealy stayed for a book signing after the services, and was very pleased to be able to give a signed copy of SENT to US Congress Representative Barbara Lee. Barbara Lee is a member of Allen Temple, and attends service when she is in town.

photo : Scott Chernis Photography