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Purchase the Spoken English New Testament here. For one or
two copies, simply select the appropriate option from the drop-
down menu and press the "Buy Now" button below. The standard
price is $12.99 US, so that the total cost, including shipping and handling, for one copy is $17.89 in California and $16.75 within
the USA outside of California (CA costs more due to sales tax).

If you would rather acquire a copy of SENT on the basis of New Testament "Kingdom of God" principles as an alternative to purchasing it, click here.

If you would like a copy of SENT but cannot afford one, you may
request a free copy by sending a letter of request by postal mail to the SENT Press mailing address at the bottom of this window or by emailing

For a table of standard costs including the cost for three or
more copies and for shipping to the UK and Canada, click on the
Purchase and Shipping Info” link below. To purchase three or
more copies, send your order by email to,
stating the number of copies you would like, along with your postal
address in the following sample format:

Chris Jones
1234 Smith St Apt 3
Oakland CA 94610
You will receive a bill by return email through PayPal, and
your order should be shipped within 36 hours of payment.
Alternatively, you can order SENT by US mail. Consult the
"Purchase and Shipping Info" table, and mail a check with
your order to SENT Press:

SENT Press
644 Calle Rinconada
Santa Barbara, CA 93105


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