No full-scale reviews have yet been published, but short reviews and online mentions have been strongly positive. For example:

Robert H. Gundry, Emeritus Professor of New Testament and Greek and scholar-in-residence at Westmont College, wrote, "Here's a translation that bridges the gap between conformity to the original Greek of the New Testament, and the English language as it is normally spoken nowadays. No small feat!"

Peter Kirk of Better Bibles Blog wrote, "This version has the potential of being one of the best Bible translations I have seen."

Mary Fairchild,'s Christianity expert, reviewed SENT, saying, "During the past few months, I've incorporated SENT into my daily reading and have found the terminology to be very clear and natural-sounding. Thankfully, it avoids the use of slang, clichés, and colloquialisms that may not be widely understood. What's more, the translation appears to maintain accuracy in the original Greek context, while at the same time makes biblical concepts and ancient practices easier to grasp. ... If you're having trouble relating to God and you'd like to add a new dimension to your Bible reading, I encourage you to consider the Spoken English New Testament."

Christian Monthly Standard reviewed SENT and ranked it in its list of Top Ten Bibles of All Time.

Dr. David Dodson reviewed SENT on, saying that the naturalness of its English made reading feel like eavesdropping.