Trained as a scholar of New Testament and biblical studies, J. Webb Mealy
discovered his passion for biblical translation as an undergraduate at
Westmont College, where he translated the Gospel of John.

After completing undergraduate degrees in Religious Studies and Philosophy
at Westmont, an MA in Humanities at Western Kentucky University, and a
PhD in biblical Studies (emphasis in New Testament) at the University of
Sheffield in England, he became Senior Biblical Studies Editor and then
Managing Editor at Sheffield Academic Press, which during his tenure was
the leading academic biblical studies publishing house in the world. There
he commissioned three series and numerous individual titles and edited
numerous articles and technical books involving biblical Greek.

In 1995 he left Sheffield in order to participate in the development of an
experimental Christian community in Oakland, California. Since then, Webb
has focused on translating the New Testament, writing theology, teaching
in an urban training center for Christian lay people, building spiritual
community, and managing a website that he designed to help individuals
identify and recover from process addictions. He has supported these
activities for many years as a freelance consultant in forensic analysis and
multimedia design and communications. He authored an influential scholarly
monograph on the millennium and judgment of Revelation 20: After the
Thousand Years: Resurrection and Judgment in Revelation 20
(JSNTSup, 70;
Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1992).

Between 2005 and 2008 he created an entirely new translation of the New
Testament into Spoken English, refining and testing his work through
liturgical reading, church small group reading, and more than a dozen
specially convened reading focus groups.

Webb enjoys wilderness camping; nature photography; peace and social
justice activism through public art; and innovation towards sustainable
living patterns.