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I’m glad you’ve visited, because I’m convinced that the New Testament is the
most powerful book ever written. It contains the Good News of Jesus Christ,
which has revolutionized the lives of hundreds of millions of people. As a Christian
New Testament scholar, the Spoken English New Testament has been my labor
of love, to bring the New Testament to you more clearly than ever before, so that it
connects with you more deeply than you ever thought it could.
Are you looking for a readable New Testament?
Have you resolved to read the New Testament every day?
Have you been getting put off by the dull, old-fashioned, stodgy language of your Bible?
Are you concerned that an easy to read version might distort or water down the text?
Are you just desperately needing to get reconnected with God?
If any of these situations describe you, then the Spoken English New Testament
(SENT) is really going to help you. Here are the powerful, life-changing words of Jesus and
his apostles, rendered in language that is just simple and normal. SENT achieves exceptionally
high levels of accuracy and faithfulness as a translation, but without sounding old-fashioned
or “churchy”. And it’s totally accessible and readable, without trying to sound “hip” or folksy.
Get ready for a treat—this is a New Testament that you are going to thoroughly enjoy reading.
And not only that—you’re going to come away from nearly every reading experience with
   new depth of insight and understanding.

        — J. Webb Mealy, SENT translator
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