I founded SENT Press because I am very uneasy with treating the
Bible as a commercial product. Thanks to my background in academic
publishing, I have been able to make the Spoken English New Testament
available to the public at a more affordable price than a typical publisher
would consider selling it. I have also been able to include features that I
knew many of my readers would find very valuable, but which a commercial
publisher would probably refuse to accept, because they would “hurt the
bottom line”. I’m talking particularly about translator’s footnotes, which
take up a quarter to a third of every page. I’m also referring to other special
features such as the printing in dark gray of words supplied for sense or
English style. Preserving this feature in the printed edition has required
significantly more editing and typesetting, and may not have been allowed
by a commercial publisher. By creating my own publishing company, I have preserved the freedom to publish the Spoken English New Testament with all
its important features intact. I have also preserved the freedom to license its
distribution for low or no cost to the incarcerated, to people in homeless shelters, and so on—which I dearly hope to do. The scriptures are a great gift
from God to the world, and SENT Press exists so that I can participate in that
giving in a way that has integrity for me.

Webb Mealy, PhD