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Acquire the Spoken English New Testament here on New Testament and Kingdom of God principles. To receive one copy, simply select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu below and press the "Buy Now" button.

You will see that you have various options in terms of how much you compensate me for four years of rewarding labor and approximately $13,000 of production and publication expenses in writing and publishing this book. For reference, the standard cover price is $12.99 US, so that the typical cost, including shipping and handling, for one copy would be $17.89 in California and $16.75 within the USA outside of California (CA costs more due to sales tax). This is somewhat less than half of what an equivalent product would typically sell for.

But you are invited to pay more or less than the cover price if you wish--let prayer and what makes you feel right be your guide. You will even see two options that reimburse me for the printing and shipping costs for the book ($8.00) and give a contribution to a charity that feeds the poor. Finally, please do not feel obligated to pay anything if you would like a copy of SENT but cannot afford one. You are welcome to request a free copy (including free delivery) by sending a letter of request by postal mail to the SENT Press mailing address below, or by emailing To the extent that the availability of funds and books permit, I will endeavor to send a copy of SENT to every person who requests one.

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